Reviews from our clients

Laura P. / The Netherlands ★★★★★
We just returned from a Penguin Tour - Mystic Mountain Bike Tour in the Rodopi Mountains and are totally satisfied with our experience. From the logistics and organization to the leader, Anton, and everything in between we are very happy and pleased with the bike trip. And what a trip! The mountains of Bulgaria are nothing short of stupendous. It was planned well with interesting layovers, the family run hotels were wonderful with the exception of the 2nd one, (though the others on the tour liked it fine) but the others made up for it! Every hotel just got better and better. And Anton was a wonderful guide. Knowledgable about local culture and very helpful and never once complained all the while taking care of 6 different adults with 6 different abilities and opinions. But actually, the group got along wonderfully and we all had a great time. He joined us and our lunches and dinners were lively affairs with everyone laughing and looking forward to the next day. I will definetly book another tour with Penguin. It's so nice to let others do the planning! Everything went so smoothly, this was a self guided tour, but Anton was always available for whatever we needed. He was always just around the next corner. I hope Penguin offers more tours in this area, a ride in the old Communist countries would be fascinating! Lucky people who are going in this tour!

Seoung K. / South Korea ★★★★★
In August 2014 I did a bike trip - Rodopi road cycling in Bulgaria with Penguin Travel. We used most of the time back roads at lower speed on hybrid bikes. Overall the trip was very enjoyable. Accommodation was in charming guesthouses which were comfortable and clean. The logistics for moving our bags around was good. The only small criticism was the early pickup time (08:30 on some days) of the bags which makes a leisurely start to the day a bit more difficult. Everything went smoothly and their guide Anton was around all the time fixing flat tires showing the directions and helping through the Cyrillic alphabet. I would recommend this tour to others. Great holiday.

Gail S. / USA ★★★★★
My favorite part was probably visiting the historic old village of Kovachevica. What made it extra special is that a kind woman invited us into her lovely garden and then into her home. She explained some of the traditions and said they had kept there home a "typical Rodopian home". She obviously knew the history and had furnished their home with articles of a period in the past. Both Guides were very personable and accommodating. Anna Maria found a route and planned the extra day we requested. They both were very knowledgeable about the places we visited. Anton found great places for lunch when we decided we would like to have a picnic outside. We would visit grocery shops ahead to pick up food. Anton and Ani were great helps in suggesting menu items that were typical or local favorites. They choose excellent restaurants for our meals. They are both real gems. Penguin is fortunate to have them.

William C. / USA ★★★★★
Fantastic tour, scenery, seeing the villages, seeing old Town Sofia & Plovdiv; downhill cycling ( : , chance to visit mountain houses and last but not least the fantastic traditional bulgarian food.

David G./UK ★★★★★
Just to say how much I enjoyed my trip. Lubor and Anna Maria were great and cycling proved to be an excellent way to get to know Bulgaria. I am very impressed with Penguin and intend to travel with you next year. I think you have something special. When I get home I will give more feedback but first I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

Randall T./USA ★★★★★
Every day had highlights - gorgeous scenery, caves, dinners, our guide, people. Our guide was attentive, considerate, always available at key points if we needed a snack; had lots of good info about Bulgaria; gave us some extra escursions he knew we would like - a little hiking. He was always flexible with time schedule. Food was excellent in all the hotels.